What would it feel like to walk into a home that was neat, tidy, organized, and best of all free of clutter?

Just imagine for a minute what your life would be like if:

  • You woke up each morning to coffee brewing and a kitchen that was neat and tidy.
  • Your closet was neat and organized with clothes you just love to wear. 
  • Your bills are all paid on time because you have a paper system set up that works. 
  • Dinner for the week is planned out and all the ingredients ready to go.
  • Your life is joyful and happy because your home is clutter-free and tidy.  

Welcome to D/M Membership Group. 

An online community that will support, encourage, and motivate you to create a home you love.

No, you don't need to hire an expensive organizer to create a home you truly love.  

Everything you need to finally tackle the chaos in your closet and set up a space that you love to be in. 

Do you ever feel like you have too much clutter but not enough time to deal with it all? Are you paralyzed by all the things scattered around your home?

I used to feel the same exact way as you do right now. My home was a disaster and my life was a mess. It got so bad that I would hide my dirty dishes in the oven just to make some room (any room) on my counters so I could cook a simple meal. 

I realized that I needed to make a change not only for myself but for my family as well. 

And that is where my journey towards a clutter-free home began. And even though it took me a long time to get there, it does not have to be the same for you. 

In my journey, I created a complete and total system that worked for the frazzled clutter-bug mess, like me. One that I knew could help others that were just as busy, just as frustrated, and just as lost as I was.

Declutter in Minutes is that system. The same one I used to remove the mess and create a home I love. And now it's your turn.   

This month we are focusing on our creative spaces.

This is your chance to create a room where you can be inspired to paint, sew, craft, quilt, build, and more! 

Stop avoided that room and let's set up a space you truly love to be in!

What if you could have access to a decluttering and organizing coach that was there to guide you week by week and room by room? 


 Each month we will focus on a different room of the home in a simple yet effective approach. 


 Each week begins with a printable checklist that will guide you through the process without any overwhelm. Just follow along and watch your home transform room by room!

  Access to our Private Facebook Group where you will get weekly direction and daily encouragement from myself and my team. 

No, FACEBOOK? No problem! You can get access to all the videos and checklist right in your inbox! 

Recorded videos, live Q&A's, and real-life demos that will help you throughout each month. 

BONUS!!! Access to Declutter & Simplify Online Course for FREE (a $97 value) Now you can work at your own pace, in any room you like! 


  "Tracy's system is a down-to-Earth approach to creating a happier home with step-by-step instructions that can make it seem less like a chore.  You're left with more time to enjoy your home and family as well as skills to keep it that way!"  Edna

"This is just what it sounds like: a step by step process to get your house in order. Instead of a drill sergeant though you get a friend who has been in the same cluttered mess you're in. As you go through this course she addresses ways to keep your house in order after putting in the initial work. The more you put into it the more it will you will get out of it. And her printables are amazingly helpful! I learned several new tricks that I'm going to incorporate in my house; I'm so glad I got to be part of the group!"  Brittany


Have questions? Here are some answers.

How long is the group?

The full D/M group is 12 months long and at just $15 a month, it is still a fraction of what a professional organizer would cost. We have successfully helped others just like you create a home they love even when they thought it was impossible. By making slow changes, developing new habits and having support there whenever you need it we find our student's success rates are beyond what the normal is. 

How long do I have to stay a member? 

As long as you need to. We have members stay for just a few months and others for a year or more. Get the support you need for however long you need it. That is the beauty of this group!

Where will I find the membership group?

Declutter in Minutes Membership Group can be found in a private (members only + instructors) Facebook Group.

What if I don't have Facebook?  

No problem! All of the videos that we film in the Facebook group will be uploaded to the course found in Thinkfic. You will also get a weekly email with all the things that happened in the group that week so you don't miss a thing.

What help will I receive?

Each month we focus on a different room that we then break down into weeks and finally into daily tasks to help you fit it into your already busy day. You will also have access to our popular Declutter and Simplify course that you can follow along at your own pace. Finally, several moderators in addition to myself will be on call whenever you need private encouragement. 

Hello, I'm Tracy Lynn!

Tracy Lynn

In 2016 I began a little blog called Simple Living Country Gal that was all about homesteading. As time went on it morphed into something big. A community of people all looking to simplify their lives. Soon after I found my true love and calling. Helping frustrated folks learn how to remove the clutter so they could turn their house into a home. I used my life experience, trials, and errors to teach people a system that has transformed lives all over the world.  Most of those people are now close friends and instead of students, they are now working side by side with me to teach as many people as we can how to have a life and a home they truly love. I hope you will join us and take your very first step to conquering the mess and chaos that only clutter can bring. Let us help you to clean it out and clean it up so you can love your home again. 


 Use your kitchen table for meals?

✓  To know exactly where the electric bill is when you need to pay it?

✓ You had a closet that was full of neat and tidy clothes. Clothes you just love to wear?

✓  To allow unexpected company into your home at any time?

✓ To have a home, you love to be in?

 To have meals planned out and ready to go no matter what your schedule is?

 Finally, have a home full of loved ones instead of a house crammed full of things?

DECLUTTER IN MINUTES can fix all of that and more! 



Wish you could spend time creating in a space that you truly love to be in? 

Then join us and you can do that very thing in just a few short weeks! 


Praise for this course:

5 star rating

Has been helpful so far and is exactly what busy people h...

Carol Sands

easy to follow guidelines, great tips. routines make sense and are adaptable to each one's needs

easy to follow guidelines, great tips. routines make sense and are adaptable to each one's needs

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4 star rating

Welcome course

Mary Appell

well I did everything and it told me to do and it was very easy and I'm really looking forward to starting the first chapter...

well I did everything and it told me to do and it was very easy and I'm really looking forward to starting the first chapter...

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Drop Zone

Kathy Fischels

Love all the ideas simple and easy to implement so meet and tidy. Got rid of several things but rearranged some to make more sense to use . I would give this...

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Love all the ideas simple and easy to implement so meet and tidy. Got rid of several things but rearranged some to make more sense to use . I would give this first lesson 10 stars! ❤️

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Let's Create a Home You Love.