What would it feel like to run your home more efficiently? 


Do you struggle to find balance in your home? 

Do you feel like your schedule is too hectic and your to-do list is just too big? 

Do you spend time you simply do not have looking for things?

Are you tired of a messy kitchen? Tired of running from place to place getting little done? Tired of fast food for dinner and tossing spoiled food in the trash week after week? 

Are you tired of just being tired? 

Welcome to the Declutter in Minutes Home and Family Management System


The one and only tool you need to run your home like a CEO. 


What all do you get?

Over 115 pages that cover every area of the home. From meal planning to bills. School activities to pet care. Home projects to cleaning. You name it....it's here. 

But wait, there's more!

Rather than give you all those pages and leave you alone to figure out how to use them, I break each section down and walk you through it step by step with simple videos you can watch from the comfort of your own home.

Use those videos as inspiration to create a system that works perfectly for you and your family.


Hold up.....Let's make this too good to resist with a few amazing bonuses!



One month of D/M 4-Month Membership Group for $1

This group is your chance to get the help you need to remove the clutter and organize a home you love. 

Weekly checklists, live demos, daily encouragement, it's like having your own personal organizer at the fraction of the cost. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity.  

A $25 value! 


Pretty Printables Planner Pages for FREE!

Pretty Printable Planner Pages 5 pages of just fun! These pages are pretty and effective and will look great on your fridge or in your family command center. Because sometimes you need a little pretty in your day to day life!

An $11 value!

About the instructor

Tracy Lynn

As the founder of Simple Living Country Gal, Tracy Lynn teaches folks how to simplify their homes, their finances, their food, and their lives. She helps them remove the clutter and organize their homes by creating and using systems. She teaches how to focus on a rooms specific purpose so it can be streamlined in a way that will keep clutter from showing up again.  With practical tips, simple steps, and complete gameplans you too can have the home you've always dreamed of.  


"Tracy Lynn thought of everything! 

My family and I no longer have to worry about missed appointments, what's for dinner, or any of those other home and family tasks that we struggled with.  Having everything down on paper and organized is a game changer!  

I highly recommend this system to anyone who wants a happier home and more free time to enjoy life with their loved ones."


"This is awesome! 

You can easily adapt it to your family's life. Print only what you need. Our son is married so I don't need the "Our Kids" section. This has everything you ever wanted and it is all included in this awesome system!"


Declutter in Minutes Home and Family Management System. The tool you need to create a home you love!

Organize your home, your family, your schedule all with this one system.

Tired of spending your entire weekend cleaning your home? Use the Cleaning Our Home section to break it down and take back your weekends. 

Struggle with dinner time chaos? The Our Food section will help you plan simple meals and use up food before it goes bad. 

Is your budget out of control? Take it back with the Our Money section and find a budget there that is right for you. 

Are your kids in activities that have you running constantly? Use the Our Kids section to know who needs to be where and when. 

Frustrated with your health and struggling to be happy? Use the Our Health section to make yourself a priority so you can love life again. 

It's all here, it's all ready, and it's waiting for you to take that first step to a home changing experience.