What would it feel like to STOP stressing about the state of your home?

Just imagine for a minute what your life would be like if:

  • You woke up each morning to coffee brewing and a kitchen that was neat and tidy.
  • Your car keys are right where you left them the night before.
  • Your bills are all paid on time because you have a paper system set up that works. 
  • Dinner for the week is planned out and all the ingredients ready to go.
  • Your life is joyful and happy because your home is clutter-free and tidy.  

Welcome to D/M Membership Group. 

An online community that will support, encourage, and motivate you to create a home you love.

No, you don't need to hire an expensive organizer to create a home you truly love.  

In D/M Membership Group I will Help you:

1. Learn how to remove the excess and clutter without getting stuck

2. Find a way to fit decluttering into your already busy schedule. 

3. Break this huge project down into small and simple tasks you can do without overwhelm. 

4. Guide you through the steps you need to take to finally create a home you love. 

Monthly Home Themes

  • 1

    Welcome to Declutter in Minutes Membership Group!

    • Read First!

    • Hello and Welcome!

    • How to join the Facebook Group

    • When do we start?

    • Declutter in Minutes - Email option

  • 2

    MONTH #1 EATING - The Kitchen, Pantry, Refrigerator, Freezer

    • Setting up Zones in the Kitchen - The Key to Staying Organized

    • The Kitchen

    • Kitchen Drawers, Pantry, and Refrigerator

    • The Freezer

    • Sept 2nd - The Week Ahead - Part 1

    • Sept 2 - The Week Ahead - Part 2 (coming soon!)

  • 3

    MONTH #2 WORKING - The Office, Paper Control

    • Setting up a Drop and Depart Zone

    • Decluttering the Office

  • 4

    MONTH #3 LIVING - Family Room, Recreation Room, Bathrooms

    • Decluttering the Family Room/Living Room

    • Decluttering the Playroom/Rec Room

    • Decluttering the Bathrooms

  • 5

    MONTH #4 SLEEPING - Master Bedroom, Master Closet, Other Bedrooms, Other Closets

    • Decluttering the Master Bedroom

    • Decluttering the Master Closet

    • Decluttering the Remaining Bedrooms

    • Decluttering the Remaining Closets

  • 6

    BONUS: The Simple Holiday Planner ($14 value for FREE!)

    • How to Download your FREE Planner!

Here is just some of what you will get inside of the D/M Membership Group: 

 Each month we will focus on a different themed area of the home in a simple yet effective step by step approach. No overwhelm. No stress.

 Printables, checklists, and cheat sheets will be available to you so you can get even more done in less time! 

  Access to our Private (and incredibly supportive) Facebook Group where you will get daily advice and encourage from myself and my team. 

Recorded videos, live Q&A's, and real-life demos that will help you see decluttering in action. 

 Personalized support and encouragement from me is just an email away whenever you need it. 



About the instructor

Tracy Lynn

As the founder of Simple Living Country Gal, Tracy Lynn teaches folks how to simplify their homes, their finances, their food, and their lives. She helps them remove the clutter and organize their homes by creating and using systems. She teaches how to focus on a rooms specific purpose so it can be streamlined in a way that will keep clutter from showing up again.  With practical tips, simple steps, and complete gameplans you too can have the home you've always dreamed of.  

Have questions? Here are some answers.

How long is the group?

Each session is 4 months long, and at just $15 a month, it is still a fraction of what a professional organizer would cost. We have successfully helped others just like you create a home they love even when they thought it was impossible. By making slow changes, developing new habits and having support there whenever you need it we find our student's success rates are beyond what the normal is. 

How long do I have to stay a member? 

As long as you need to. We have members stay for just a few months and others for a year or more. Get the support you need for however long you need it. That is the beauty of this group!

Where will I find the membership group?

Declutter in Minutes Membership Group can be found in a private (members only + instructors) Facebook Group.

What if I don't have Facebook?  

No problem! All of the videos that we film in the Facebook group will be uploaded to the course found in Thinkfic. You will also get a weekly email with all the things that happened in the group that week so you don't miss a thing.

What help will I receive?

Each month we focus on a different theme that we then break down into weeks and finally into daily tasks to help you fit it into your already busy day. You will also have access to our popular Declutter and Simplify course that you can follow along at your own pace. Finally, several moderators in addition to myself will be on call whenever you need private encouragement.