Gift Guides Creation

Everything you need to boost your blog's income this holiday season!

Now you can create evergreen content that will bring in passive income while you sleep!

Are you struggling to make money with your blog? Tired of seeing others killing while you are working hard just to break even? 

Gift guides are a great way to bring in passive income that any blogger at any level can create. 

But, I am not talking just any gift guide. I am talking high converting money making guides that will bring in the dollars even while you sleep. 

So, What all is included?

6 Videos
12 Texts

Even more, tools to help create a money making Guide today:

  • Make sure you have your legal bases covered before your Gift Guide goes live 
  • How to create Etsy gift guides that will give you a unique guide that your readers will love 
  • A Gift Guide checklist that will help this process be simple and not complicated

What other's are saying! 

I absolutely LOVE this course! It is exactly what I needed to walk me step-by-step through the creation of my gift guide including a thorough explanation of no follow links. Tracy's videos are perfect! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


It's a Southern Life Y'all

Finally, an affordable step by step program to creating a Gift Guide that the average blogger can understand.  Tracy makes it SO simple.  Best of all, I know my affiliate income will skyrocket!  Thank You, Tracy!!


Ritzy Manor

This Gift Guide Creation Course was exactly what I needed.  Tracy has provided a clear, concise, and thorough course.  She has a great teaching style which has given me to the confidence to begin creating my own gift guides.  I've been wanting to do this for quite some time but I lacked the knowledge of exactly how to do it.  This course guided me step by step and now I know exactly what to do.  What an awesome course!  Thank you so much for creating this course.


Gift of Simple

About the instructor

I started my blog, Simple Living Country Gal, in January of 2016 as a way to help folks remove the chaos and live a simpler life. Soon after, I learned that in order to make money blogging, I needed products. And if I wanted to sell those products, I needed people that I could sell my products to. So, I got busy building a list of dedicated readers that wanted to hear what I had to say and buy what I had to sell.

But even that was not the income I was longing for. 

I knew I needed to find additional streams of income that when combined together would bring in enough money to turn my blog into a business. 

Here I am just a few years later doing something I never believed was possible. It was hard work and took quite a while to learn but I made it through the overwhelm to become a full-fledged business owner. 

Now, I am having the time of my life working the job of my dreams and I want the same for you!

I now spend time mentoring new bloggers to help them navigate the waters in this sometimes confusing blogging world. Teaching them the ins and outs of marketing, content creation, and growing a strong dedicated list. The sky is the limit if you just know how to get there! 

Get all the tools you need to create your first Gift Guide and begin making money on your blog today!