Subscriber Success

How to find the perfect Lead Magnet to grow your list FAST!

What if you could grow your email list by hundreds or even thousands every single month?

Subscriber Success - How To Create A High Converting Opt-in is a focused, one-on-one blog evaluation that will help you focus your attention on the areas that matter. Get a custom-made list of lead magnets, tripwires, and full product ideas you can create to attract the right subscribers to your email list.  

If you have been struggling to grow your email list or are stumped on what products to create for your blog, then Subscriber Success is right for you. A blogger-specific recipe for creating a lead magnet that actually converts into a list of dedicated readers that want to hear what you have to say and buy what you have to sell. 

What's more, you can use those lead magnet ideas to inspire products that you can sell to your readers with confidence. Finally, a way to turn your blog into a business that is just right for you.

Is your email list growing at a snail's pace? 

Are you working long hours just to make a few dollars a week? 

What if I told you we can fix all that? 

....that we can get you on the path to growing your list at a rate that gets you excited?   

....that you can wake up each morning to see the numbers you've always dreamed of?  

...that you can get a specific roadmap designed just for you so you finally have a path you can follow?

With Subscriber Success, you can finally get the results you are looking for. 

This is not a one size fits all blogger course because there isn't one magic ingredient that will work for everyone. Instead, it is a one-on-one approach to creating a recipe for success specifically for you and your blog. 

I will help you create a list of opt-ins you can offer that will pull in readers you can depend on and a custom-made game plan that will help you get your new and improved opt-in up and running.

Stop letting subscribers slip through your fingers! 

Buy Subscriber Success now!

How Does it Work?

Step 1: Reserve your spot for Subscriber Success.

Step 2: Fill out the Blog Assessment questionnaire that you will find in the Thinkific Course. 

Step 3: Once your assessment is submitted, I'll do a full assessment of your blog noting your current opt-ins and how we can improve them. 

Step 4: You will then receive a list of 6-8 lead magnet ideas designed to compliment your blog and niche.

Step 5: You will also get 2-4 tripwire suggestions along with 2-3 full product ideas. 

Now you can finally set up an income stream that will transform your subscriber into a customer!

Step 6: Finally you will see just how to create your lead magnets with Lead Magnet Creation 101, which is included with this package!  (A $47 value!)

What we'll cover:

  • How to tweak what you're using now so it stands out and gets the attention of your readers
  • Where to place opt-in boxes so they are seen and not skimmed over
  • The secrets behind a high converting opt-in box
  • How to create opt-ins that get the right readers to sign up for your list

BONUS!! 10+ Video Tutorials to help you create your new opt-in and get it up and running.

Here is just some that we cover: 

Yes, I want to turn my blog into a full-time business!

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What clients are saying...

I was struggling to find new ways to attract and retain email subscribers.  

Tracy Lynn’s Opt-in Assessment gave me so many unique ideas on how to engage readers.And she not only provided multiple suggestions, but also explained the “why” behind each one. So her assessment provided a helpful service, plus an education that I can bring with me going forward.  

Sometimes it takes an external set of eyes to realize potential for growth.And now I have some really fun ideas in my toolkit, that will also allow me to help my readers. 

Diana - Mastering the Side Jam

I just wanted to share some exciting news! Today alone, so far, I've had fourteen (14) people sign up to my list! For comparison, for the entire month of May, I only had 10 people sign up (literally 10 people)! Thank you for your help!

Elaine - The Family Cruise Companion

The best part about Tracy Lynn's Subscriber Course was the 30 minute video chat after she went through my blog and offered her good suggestions. I like real-time answers to all my many questions, so that helped immensely. Not only that, on the video chat, Tracy was able to show me where things should go on my website and how things worked on hers. If you've never used before, never fear! She sends you the link and walks you through it - so simple and beneficial! Such a great deal—recommend her highly.

Sue - Welcome Heart 

Tracy provided me with an Opt-in assessment of my blog to help generate ideas how I could get more subscribers to my site as well as provide the best value for my readers. I was completely blown away by her assessment. It was EXACTLY what I needed to boost my subscribers. This was the most helpful thing for my blog since it helped me focus more on creation than trying to come up with opt-in ideas. Her outside perspective was the fresh eyes I needed to see what my readers REALLY wanted. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! 

Kirsten - Obtaining Bliss 

I have been stuck for months trying to figure out what some good opt-ins might be for some of my more popular post.  Tracy offered to take a look at them and did a thorough opt-in blog assessment, giving me some fantastic ideas that I had not thought of.  She put a fresh set of eyes on those posts and not only came up with some great suggestions, she went beyond that and was able to come up with even more great ideas for the blog, in general. Now that I have some direction and I can’t wait to implement her suggestions!  Who knew I was sitting on such a goldmine of ideas!  Thank you so much, Tracy!

Kimberly - Love to Frugal

Working with Tracy was so delightful and insightful! She is fun and efficient. She took time to work with me on my opt-in forms and gave me some ideas. Additionally, she took the time to look over my blog and tell me where I could improve. I loved all of her feedback and have started to implement some of it.

Stephanie - Sticky Note Mom

Sometimes you just need a fresh perspective!  My blog was looking tired and dull.  Visitors weren’t converting into subscribers, and I was feeling overwhelmed by where to start to fix it. Tracy to the rescue!  Her direct and spot on suggestions hit on some areas I had completely overlooked.  She quickly pointed out some simple changes I could make and even offered some fantastic ideas for products I could create!  Her friendly and personal care and passion for what she does revived both my blog and me!  I highly recommend her services!

Chenoah - Fields of Daisies


Is this a course?

No, this is not a's so much more!!! 

Subscriber Success is a one-on-one assessment where you'll receive a custom made list of opt-in ideas that are blog-specific, rather than teaching you a generic approach. 

Your "made for you" game plan is designed to give you fast results.

Is this right for me?

I believe this will help anyone that is struggling to grow their list, get their existing list to open their emails, or has a list that doesn't engage.

Whether you are a brand new blogger or have been at this a while, Subscriber Success will help take your list to places you only dreamed of!  

What if I can't make my own lead magnets?

Now worries! Subscriber Success gives you access to our popular Lead Magnet Creation 101 course where you will learn how to make downloads in both Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets for FREE.

Now you can make Lead Magnets, Tripwires, and Products that you can begin selling TODAY!

I love my opt-in ideas, but I'm no techie and have no idea what to do now?

Good news! Lead Magnet Creation 101 will walk you through how to save your downloads as a PDF, get those PDFs onto your site and also in your blog posts and your newsletters. With easy to follow videos, you will be a pro at this in no time!

Not only that but as more and more videos are added to Lead Magnet Creation, you get those updates for FREE! 

About the instructor

I started my blog, Simple Living Country Gal, in 2016 as a way to help folks remove the chaos and live a simpler life. Soon after, I learned that in order to make money blogging, I needed products. And if I wanted to sell those products, I needed people that I could sell my products to. So, I got busy building a list of dedicated readers that wanted to hear what I had to say and buy what I had to sell.

To grow that list, I needed to find a way to show my readers that I could help them change their lives for the better. After a few failed attempts, I finally found the secret sauce to getting dedicated readers to not only sign up for my list, but also open the emails once they began receiving them.

A subscriber is one thing—a dedicated subscriber is another thing entirely. It is the key to a successful blog—ANY successful blog.

Although I’m not a rock star blogger and am not making thousands and thousands of dollars every single month, I am still making enough to help support our family and for me, that is pretty amazing. A few months ago, I began to help some of my blogger friends increase their subscriber rates by showing them what I am doing on my own blog.

Their rates increased almost instantly. I realized that I had something that could help others—a subscriber success recipe—one to grow a list quickly by attracting people that want to be your biggest fans. I am so excited to help you grow your own list of dedicated readers that will stick with you for years to come.

There are only a handful of spots available. 

Don't miss your chance to finally grow your email list!