Yard Sale 101

Yard Sale 101 - Get Cash For Your Clutter!!

How to Sell Your Stuff with a Yard Sale, Facebook, or Craigslist

If you are looking to make money selling your things—good money—heck, GREAT money, then you have come to the right place!

Whether it be selling on Facebook, the tried-and-true Craigslist, or hosting a sale of your own, I will help you make money in a simple and straightforward way. 

Yard Sale 101 will get you cash for your clutter using your avenue of choice with simple tips that are meant to bring in fast cash for your things! 

I cannot tell you how many sales I have had over the years that were complete flops. I truly believed if I put up a few signs and set a table up in my yard, folks would simply flock to my home with money to spend. 

It wasn't long before I learned that HOW you host your sale is more important than what you are selling. 

This course is a culmination of all that I have learned 2+ years of hosting small sales, community sales, and our large church rummage sale. 

And now you will get access to all my tips and tricks so you can host a killer yard sale of your very own!

How Do You Make the Most from Your Sale?

With these 8 simple chapters, I will walk you through exactly what needs to be done to hold a successful sale fom start to finish. 

Choose the best day for your sale

Price things so they sell and bring in the most money

Set up your items to encourage sales 

Learn how to sell leftover items on Facebook & Craiglist

In Yard Sale 101, I will give you the tools you need to host a successful sale so you can get the most money for your clutter without giving your things away.

BONUS!!! Step-by-step video of how to join Facebook groups and the best way to sell your things fast.

BONUS!!! Step-by-step video of how to join Craigslist and the best way to sell your items there.

What students are saying...

Yard Sale 101 is just what I was looking for and could never find until now. This course teaches you how to setup, display, and even price your items. Pricing is so important and was always my weakness until now. You will also learn how to advertise way beyond just hanging up street signs with insight into using social media sites, garage sale forums, and much more.


About the instructor

Hi, I'm Tracy Lynn!! 

As a busy mom, businesswoman, and farm-girl I know how easily things can get out of control. My kitchen, my schedule, even my health. I learned a long time ago that my home needs to be clutter-free and organized if I want to live a better and healthier life. 

At first, this was easier said than done. I was a clutter-bug and changing my ways was just not going to happen overnight. It took time. It took determination. It took a complete turnaround of how I viewed my things and my home. 

Once I found a way to make that change, things started to get better. I no longer dreaded my home but loved it. I stopped wasting time looking for things and instead knew right where they were. As my home improved so did my health, my marriage and my relationship with my boys. 

Funny how clutter can make a complete mess of things. 

Today my passion is helping others say goodbye to the chaos, remove the excess clutter from their home, set up a schedule they can live with and finally create a home they love. 

Course Curriculum

Why Host A Yard Sale?
Chapter 1 - Picking The Best Date
Chapter 2 - Advertising-Getting The Word Out There
Chapter 3 - Setting Up - Yep, It Really DOES Matter!
Chapter 4 - Prices - Set Prices That Sell FAST
Chapter 5 - Holding A Successful Sale
Good Luck!

I am so happy you are clearing the clutter out of your home and your life. Now, let's get you some money for those things, shall we?

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